Need a Customization?

Customization is not included in theme price at Themeforest… If you are requesting customization help which only requires me to publish a couple lines of code (typically through CSS), I will be glad to assist you. If however your query requires more than that amount of code to be published, these customization requests are considered extensive and I can’t help you about them.

Which customization requests are considered extensive?

For example; Adding a new color scheme to the theme, adding a slider from another theme, changing layout, including a feature that is not included in the theme etc.

If you need professional help with implementing a new feature or customizing a theme, you can hire a developer from!

Elto (formely known as Tweaky) makes it easy and affordable for anyone to make small changes to their website. Qualified developers from their curated marketplace can tweak your website from just $39.

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