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How to Get a Google Maps API Key

As of June 2016, Google has issued a new update to the Google Maps APIs Standard Plan. In the new update, Google no longer supports keyless access (any request that doesn’t include an API Key) and has made all future product updates only available for requests made with an API Key. Also included in this…

How to disable logo and menu animation

1) Go to Appearance->Customize 2) Copy paste the following code to Additional CSS field; 3) Click Save

Increasing the upload_max_filesize in WordPress

The default upload file size for WordPress is 2 MB, which is a problem if you want to upload a large media files. If you get this error, “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”, follow these steps: Locate the php.ini file inside the wp-admin directory (if you can’t find this file see…

How to add links to the slider captions

If you want to add links to the slider captions, you should use html codes. You can use the following code; You should add your caption and your link into this code like on the following example; If you want to open links in a new window, your code should be like the following;

How to remove slider from front page

As default there is a full screen slider on the first section of the front page. If you want to remove it, you should edit homepage.php file. 1) Go to Appearance->Editor 2) Open homepage.php file 3) Find and delete the following code (You should be very careful. Don’t delete any other code…) 4) Find the…

I don’t see page templates

If you don’t see “Page Attributes” box on add new/edit page screen, Click “Screen Options” which is at the top right of the screen. After that check “Page Attributes” box;

Contact form doesn’t work…

Contact form settings are on the Appearance->Theme Settings page; If you filled all required fields correctly and if it still doesn’t work, please contact your hosting provider. There should be a problem on your server. If you can’t solve the server problem, you can try the followings; 1) You can search for a plugin. For…

How to use single image instead of slider

1) First be sure that you don’t check the “Activate Autoplay” box on the theme settings page. 2) Add a single image to the home slider 3) Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->General 4) Copy paste the following code to the custom header script field to hide arrows of the slider;

How to add meta tags to the front page manually

The most important meta tags are “description” and “keywords” for the seo. There are some plugins which are doing this but you can also do this manually. Note: This way is recommended for single page themes. For others I recommend you to use a seo plugin like the following; Click here… 1) Go to Appearance->Editor…

How to change date format

The date formatting is available through the WordPress admin panel. Go to Settings>General. You have several default date formatting options: However in case the default options are not suitable for your needs you are free to create the custom date output. Select the Custom radio button and in the available filed input your date format….