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Wordpress Themes

How to edit button shortcode

After installing the demo content, you may notice a “Register Now” button on the homepage. This button is just a sample, it has no link. To create a working button, you should edit the homepage. Make sure that you have enabled site registration from WordPress settings. For more information, click here. Go to the homepage…

How to use Sportix Carousel Widget to display a specific team?

When you select “Players” from “Post Type” field, all players will be displayed. You can use “Post In” field to add the players one by one. Click “Post In” field. A new box will appear. Enter the player’s name and click on the name to add the player to the list. You can add as…

One click demo import requirements

The one click demo importer need to meet the following requirements in order to work correctly. Please have in mind that you can check most of these by going to Tools -> Site Health page. If you don’t meet the requirements you will need to contact your hosting provider in order to make the changes….

How to disable private replies

To disable private replies, go to Appearance->Customize and copy&paste the following code to Additional CSS field.

How to allow users to upload media files to their topic replies

Go to Theme Settings and enable “Visual Editor” and “Media Upload”. There is one more thing to do to allow standard users to upload media files to the topics. Upload&activate User Role Editor plugin. Go to Users -> User Role Editor and check “Edit others topics” box from the menu like the following (This is…

How to enable iframes in activity stream

As default, users are not allowed to post iframes in BuddyPress activity stream for security reasons. If you want to allow your users post iframes, you can copy&paste the following php code to your theme’s (or child theme’s) functions.php file;

How to approve pending posts automatically?

As default when one of your users create a blog post, the status of the post will be “pending”. This means it needs to approved by an admin before publishing. Allowing everyone to publish blog posts on your website may not be a good idea for security reasons but if you still want to allow…

How to disable image zoom animation

Go to Appearance -> Theme Settings -> General, copy&paste the following code to Custom CSS field and click “Save Changes”;

How to Use Multiple Themes in WordPress

What if you have already a highly customized theme but need to use another theme (Disputo) for only your forums. Is it possible? Answer is yes, it is possible with the following plugin; Jonradio Multiple Themes In this article, we will show you how to setup the plugin. After activation of the plugin, go to…

How to integrate Max Mega Menu plugin

1- Upload and activate Max Mega Menu plugin 2- Go to Mega Menu -> Tools and copy&paste the following code to “Import Theme” field; 3- Click “Import Theme” button 4- Go to Menus and enable Max Mega Menu for your current menu. Don’t forget to select imported theme (Exqute); 5- That’s it! You can play…