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February 23, 2016

How to add link to footer

As default you can’t add html codes via theme settings for security reasons.

If you are familiar with Php you can look at the following article;

Validating Sanitizing and Escaping User Data

So If you want to add a link to the footer field, first of all you should disable this function for that field;

1) Go to Appearance-Editor

2) Open “footer.php” file

3) Find the following line of code;

<?php echo stripslashes(esc_attr($bowlfootertext)); ?>

4) Change it with the following code (Be very careful and don’t change any other thing…);

<?php echo stripslashes($bowlfootertext); ?>

5) Click “Update file” button


6) Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->General

7) Add your link to the “Footer Text” field like on the following example (Use single quotation marks not double);

<a href='http://www.themeforest.net' target='_blank'>Themeforest</a>