WPML Category bug

There are some bugs on the latest version of wpml plugin. Categories are not working properly. If you want to use categories with wpml, you should do the followings;

1) Go to Plugins->Editor

2) Select DV Team plugin

3) Open ourteam.php file

4) Find the following code;

'terms' => $dvteamcatid_array,

Change it with the following (Be very careful and don’t change any other

'terms' => (int)$categoryid,


This change will fix the issue but you will not able to select multiple categories anymore. Also this change will effect only “dvteam” shortcode. For other shortcodes, you should do the same thing on the following files;

dvteam-carousel.php (for dvteamcarousel shortcode)

dvteam-thumbnails (for dvthumbnails shortcode)