How to inverse the text effect on the team thumbnails

As default member name and description is on the left side;


If you want to inverse it;

1) Go to Plugins->DV Team Settings->General

2) Copy paste the following code to the Custom CSS field;

.dvteamgrid .dv-member-desc {
    right: 0px !important;
    left: inherit !important;
.dvteamgrid figure:hover .dv-member-name,.dvteamgrid figure:hover .dv-member-info,.dvteamgrid figure:hover .dv-member-desc{
    -webkit-transform: translateX(100%) !important;
    -moz-transform: translateX(100%) !important;
    -ms-transform: translateX(100%) !important;
    transform: translateX(100%) !important;
.dvteamgrid .dv-member-name,.dvteamgrid .dv-member-info {
    float:right !important;

Result should be like the following;