Removing body slide effect

As default when you open a panel, main container of your website, slides right to left or left to right (according to the panel side);


On some themes, this effect may breaks your website layout when you close the panel. To fix this issue;

Version 1.2 and above

Go to Plugins->DV Team Settings->Panel and make sure that you didn’t check the “Activate Body Scroll Effect” box;


It still doesn’t work

If it still doesn’t work properly, this means there is a conflict between dvteam and your theme. Try to change “side” attribute of the shortcodes (center) like on the following. Center panel works with most of the themes without any problem (Added on Version 1.2 – 4 February 2015) ;

[dvteam max='99' categoryid='' gridstyle='full' offset='20' itemwidth='250' side='center']

Version 1.1.2 and below

1) Go to Plugins->DV Team Settings

2) Copy paste the following code to the “Custom CSS” field;

html,body {
margin:0px !important;

3) Click “Save Changes”


Result will be like the following;