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December 17, 2014

How to add a link to the footer

As default you can’t add html codes via theme settings for security reasons.

If you are familiar with Php you can look at the following article;

Validating Sanitizing and Escaping User Data

So If you want to add a link to the footer field, first of all you should disable this function for that field;

1) Go to Appearance-Editor

2) Open “footer.php” file

3) Find the following line of code;

<?php echo stripslashes(esc_attr($footertext)); ?>

4) Change it with the following code (Be very careful and don’t change any other thing…);

<?php echo stripslashes($footertext); ?>

5) Click “Update file” button



6) Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->General

7) Add your link to the “Footer Text” field like on the following example (Use single quotation marks not double);

<a href='http://www.themeforest.net' target='_blank'>Themeforest</a>

8) Finally you may want to make the link more visible. Copy paste the following CSS code to the Appearance->Theme Settings->General->Custom CSS field and click “Save Changes”;

.credits {
opacity:1 !important;