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November 21, 2014

How to remove slider from front page

As default there is a full screen slider on the first section of the front page. If you want to remove it, you should edit homepage.php file.

1) Go to Appearance->Editor

2) Open homepage.php file

3) Find and delete the following code (You should be very careful. Don’t delete any other code…)

<a class="ascensorLink ascensorLink0"><?php echo __( 'Home', 'ttstudio' ); ?></a>

4) Find the following code;

$count = 1;

and change “1” with “0” like the following;

$count = 0;

5) Finally find the following code (at the bottom of the page);

$countbg = 1;

and change “1” with “0” again like the following;

$countbg = 0;

6) Click “Update File” button

Please look at the following screenshots;

tt tt2