How to disable match result pages

If you don’t want to use match result pages, you can remove result page links.

1) Go to Plugins->Editor and open results_post_type.php file

2) Find the following code;

'publicly_queryable'=> true,
'query_var'         => true,

and change it with the following (be careful and don’t change any other thing);

'publicly_queryable'=> false,
'query_var'         => false,


3) Click “Update File” button.

4) Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->General

5) Copy paste the following code to the custom script field;

6) Click “Save Changes” button

.red {
display: none !important;


7) Go to Appearance->Editor

8) Open footer.php file and copy paste the following code right before “wp_footer” like on the following screenshot;

jQuery(".fixture-row").find('a').on("click", function (e) {

9) Click “Update File” button.