I can’t change thumbnail resolutions and column numbers…

When you go to edit gallery page, you see two box, Layout and Thumbnail resolution;


I put these boxes to help you to select layout and image resolution of the gallery easily. You can’t save the result of these selections with the gallery because galleries can be used with different settings on different pages…

When you created a new gallery and look at the gallery page. You will see a code like the following;

[gridgallery id="153"]

This shortcode is your main gallery shortcode. The only important think is “id” of the gallery. If you copy paste this shortcode to a page or a post without adding any layout or resolution information, it will use default settings on that page (4 columns layout, 480×480 px resolution).

If you select some values from “Select layout” and “Select resolution” boxes,code will change to;

[gridgallery id="153" columns="3" resolution="300"]

This code is just for an example. You can change these values manually when you add the shortcode to the page.

For example you can add that gallery to a page with the following settings;

[gridgallery id="153" columns="3" resolution="300"]

and you can add the same gallery to another page with the following settings;

[gridgallery id="153" columns="5" resolution="150"]