About Me – WP Link Structure

About me is actually a single page website. Each section has different ids and navigation is using these ids to find the section’s places in the page.

For example if you click on about me menu item, you will go to the about page and the link of the page will change.


If you want to change this section’s id , go to Appearance->Editor and open homepage.php file.

You should change two field. “Href” attribute¬†value of the navigation link and “id” value of the related section’s “div”.

Important: Use single words and don’t use any special character,sign etc. Use only letters.



Note: Be careful and don’t change any other thing.

If you change “about” text with “aboutme” and click save, your about page link will change like the following;


Inner Pages

In all inner pages, “page” text is using for the url. If you want to change it with another word, go to Appearance->Editor again, open page.php file and change only the id of the main “div”;


You should do the same thing for all other WordPress pages; 404.php, category.php, archive.php, search.php and single.php