Setting up Tinymce in Joomla

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Setting up Tinymce

If you want to add iframes to your page, you should change some Tinymce settings.

Go to Extensions->Plug-in Manager. In the left menu under Filter, click Select Type and then click editors. In the list of results, click Editor – TinyMCE. At the top of the page, click the Basic Options tab.


Select “Extended” in the functionality dropdown.

Scroll down until you find the Prohibited Elements setting: prohibited-elementsProhibited Elements

Elements that will be cleaned from the text. Do not leave empty – if you do not want to prohibit anything enter dummy text e.g.cms

The default text is script,applet,iframe. Delete ,iframe so that the setting now reads script,applet

Click Save in the top left menu.


How to add iframes to the pages

If you set up Tinymce properly, you will see the extended version of Tinymce editor.

There is a little icon on Tinymce editor. Its name is “Insert/Edit Embedded Media”. Click on it.

A new window will appear on the screen.┬áSelect “Embed”, paste your embed code to the text box and click save button.