How to install Rock4life Joomla Template?

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The package which you installed from Themeforest is a single click install package ( There are 6 component and 1 template zip file in it. You can install it directly as a single extention or you can install each zip file one by one.

To upload one click install package, your server should allow clients to upload minimum 10 mb. If you are getting an internal server error during the installation, you should contact your hosting provider.

Increasing upload file size limits in Joomla 3

rock4life_install rock4life_install2

Where is the help documentation file?

Unzip the main file. Open “Packages” folder. You will see new zip files. Unzip “ file. Open rock4life-joomla -> documentation folder and click on index.html file.

doc doc2 doc3

You can also access to the help documentation via Joomla Admin Panel;