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November 13, 2013

How to translate a WordPress theme?

Detailed Introduction;


Step 1 – Download Poedit

Download this free software; Poedit

Step 2 – Find the pot file

The .pot file contains all translatable text from a theme. It is located in “languages” folder. Open it with Poedit and translate the texts.


The filename of your .po is crucial. Gettext uses the ISO 639 standard for language abbreviations and ISO 3166 for locales. If your translation is written in American English for example, your file name will look like en_US.po. Capitalization is also important here. For a full list of language and country codes, check out these two links:

Gettext language codes

Gettext country codes

Once you save, POEdit by default automatically creates a .mo file alongside your .po file.

Step 3 – Setting Up WordPress

Change the language in the admin settings screen. Settings > general > Site Language.


Translating Plugins

Plugin language files are located in “languages” folder. WordPress plugins have an additional naming convention whereby the plugin name is added to the filename:


List of plugin names

Sporty plugin names;

Sporty Fixtures Results Sponsors Plugin -> sportycpttext

Sporty Flex Slider -> sportyflextext

Sporty Shortcodes and Widgets -> sportyshortcodes

Dysania plugin names;

Dysania Grid Gallery -> dysaniagrid

Dysania Shortcodes and Widgets -> dysaniashortcodes

Dysania Sliders -> dysaniasliders

Spider plugin names;

Dysania Grid Gallery -> dysaniagrid

Spider custom post types -> spidercpt

Vets plugin name;

Vets Features -> vetscpt

Build plugin name;

Build Features-> buildcpt

Oriel plugin names;

DvGallery Gallery -> dvgallery

Oriel Features-> orielcpt

Bowl plugin name;

Bowl Features-> bowlcpt

Divergent plugin name;

Divergent features-> divergentcpt

Ombre plugin name;

Ombre features-> ombrecpt

Direwolf plugin name;

Direwolf Features->direwolfcpt

Besocial plugin name;

Besocial Features->besclwpcpt

Besocial Rating System->besocialrating

Geekmag plugin name;

Geekmag Features->geekmagcpt